Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah Rate By Client Reviews – Updated 2022

Find the best tattoo shops in Savannah, GA. This beautiful city has a bustling culture. Tramp Art Studios, Red Ocean Tattoo, Red Ocean Tattoo.

The energy is electric in the city and the same energy can be felt in the tattoo shops too. If you are in the city and want to get inked there are a lot of options for you here.

From traditional designs to modern abstract and even anime-based tattoos the city has got it all. All you need to do is decide on a tattoo and then go to a shop that specializes in that style.

Tattoo Shops In Savannah

Here are a few shops in the city that should be able to deliver the tattoo that you want

1. Anonymous Tattoo

Open seven days a week and located just above Tondee’s tavern, it is a great place to get tattoos that are great and not very expensive too. It has been in the business since 2005 and the crew has years of experience delivering the highest quality of inkmanship these past years.

Appointments or walk-ins, bodysuits, or tiny tattoos, they do it all. Each artist focuses on a slightly different area of tattooing: American traditional, large-scale Japanese, black and gray, portraits, geometric, blackwork and stippling, and more.

Open seven days a week this parlor is perfect for people looking for super interesting designs with a creative twist.

Anonymous Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Savannah

Anonymous Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Savannah

Anonymous Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Savannah

2. Tramp Art Studios

As soon as you enter the lobby you will see how creative the people here are. Billy and Kirsten Cassat take their time to accurate the lobby with their original designs and bring in their staff to add to the montage too. They have had many award-winning artists work here over the years, you sure will find someone that will specialize in your style.

Very versatile and flexible the artists take their time to understand what you want out of the tattoo and how they can bring your vision to life.

They are very easy to find as they are located just next to the CBD shop at Jefferson and Victory corner. They have a giant automated tattoo gun over their doors which serves as an unmistakable landmark in the area. On top of that, they are now open 7 days a week.

good vibes from the Tramp Family!

good vibes from the Tramp Family!

3. Red Ocean Tattoo

One of the few tattoo parlors in the city that also offer tattoo removal services, the Red Ocean Tattoo shop is a “Full Spectrum” when it comes to getting inked. It has a great variety of artists that cover a lot of ground in terms of art styles.

You can talk to them from 12-1 from Tuesday to Saturday and schedule an appointment. You should be able to get the tattoo that you want from the artist of your choice without any problems.

They have one of the cleanest and super hygienic studios in the city and offer great tattoos for not a lot of money. The quality to price ratio is great and the staff has years of experience under their belt.

Proudly serving, Savannah GA, Tybee Island, Pooler GAHilton Head SC, Charleston SC, Brunswick GA

Red Ocean Tattoo- Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

Red Ocean Tattoo- Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

4. Black Orchid

Operational since 2004 it is safe to say that the people here know what they are doing. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced artists you can get anything you want on your body under their roof.

Whether it be a wacky design or sacred geometry, the fine folks at Black Orchid have proved themselves multiple times. They have voted the best Tattoo shop from 2006-2015 which is a testament to their commitment to quality.

You can book an appointment by putting down a $50 deposit, and they accept walk-ins too. This is perfect if you are in a hurry of just visiting the city for a short while. The shop also has wifi facility for its customers so that they don’t get bored when they are there.

Black Orchid Tattoo - Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

5. Savannah Ink Tattoo

Peter Faehnrich moved from Germany to the States and has been tattooing for more than two decades now. He is the main artist at this parlor and does a great job of delivering quality ink work.

Specializing in both linework and color tattoos, you are bound to find the perfect tattoo for you here. The sky’s the limit and if you are in the city we definitely recommend checking out this shop. They have a lot of cool memorabilia like mugs, hats, and t-shirts that can be bought too.

They are closed on Sunday and Monday but you can find them to be operational every other day. You can easily find them at Bull Street downtown and get a tattoo that you have been waiting for.

Savannah Ink Tattoo - Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

Savannah Ink Tattoo - Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

Savannah Ink Tattoo - Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

6. Kustom Hustle Tattoo

A custom merch shop and tattoo parlor in one, it is a great shop for tattoo enthusiasts of all kinds. They specialize in most types of tattoos but do American traditional extremely well. The parlor was voted the “Best Tattoo Shop of 2019” and has been making waves in the scene since 2014.

The aesthetics of the place are on point and you will fully understand the vibe of the place once you go there. You can go to the shop anytime before 8pm and talk to the artists about your design. They will be more than willing to tell you the pricing and all the things that they can do with the tattoo designs.

They are great at colorwork and are one of the few tattoo shops in the city that can shade in the right way. The colors they use are vibrant and will stay like that for a long time

Kustom Hustle Tattoo Parlor - Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

Kustom Hustle Tattoo Parlor - Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

7. Resurrection Ink Tattoos and Body

If you need a tattoo or a piercing this is the place to be. Having a full range of state-of-the-art machines that are made for body modifications, this studio has a reputation for doing great work. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find something here.

They are great at big designs that are intricate and have multiple layers. But they are more than equipped to handle any kind of request. The place has a chill vibe and the artists can help you get the tattoo you want easily. They will be able to guide your stylistic choices and what would work and what won’t. It has been voted to be one of the best tattoo shops in the area and you won’t regret going here.

Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

Coverup walk-in by Jimmy

Coverup walk-in by Jimmy

8. California Tattoo Company

One of the oldest shops in the city, California Tattoo Company has been going strong since 1976 and is still going strong. One of the few quality places that accept walk-ins. They are located at DeRenne Avenue just next to the Title Max.

They are open on all days except Friday and you can easily talk to one of the artists there for your tattoo needs. For an appointment, you can either call them or visit them at the studio. You will be greeted with a big smile as the staff is enthusiastic about their work.

The store is open from 12-9 on the weekdays and 12-7 on the weekends. 

California Tattoo Company

California Tattoo Company

9. The Butcher

A hidden gem at Bay Street, this is one of the best tattoo places in recent times in the area. They have been delivering excellent ink pieces through the years and only on an appointment basis.

There is an $80 minimum here too. This means that they are serious about giving you a custom ink piece that is going to look good for years to come. Not only that you can talk to the artists about something unique too. You will have to book an appointment online as currently, they do not accept walk-ins.

They are located right next to Bay Street Blues and should be very easy to locate. No matter what style you are looking for, The Butcher will always deliver.

Professional tattooing by @thebutcherbrand @christinatattooer @patcrump @m.pickman_tattoo @camdenoir @its_raw_banana_

Out with the old, in with the new 
@christinatattooer put a new
Tasmanian Devil over an almost 20-year-old tattoo
Out with the old, in with the new 🤩🤩 @christinatattooer put a new Tasmanian Devil over an almost 20 year old tattoo
The Butcher- Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

10. White Bluff Tattoo Company

Located at White Bluff in Savannah, this is one of those tattoo parlors that flies under the radar. They let the quality of their work speak for itself and are great for anyone looking for a tattoo with nature as its base.

They are more than capable of delivering any art style and also specialize in vibrant colors. Open from 12-7 on the weekday and 12-9 on the weekends, you can easily walk in and get the tattoo that you want.

White Bluff Tattoo Company 

White Bluff Tattoo- Best Tattoo Shops In Savannah

11. Good Fortune Tattoo Studio

Recently remodeled this amazing-looking parlor is known for its laid-back vibes and relaxing environment. Operated by Amanda Harrison and Kim Reed this is the place to get a tattoo that is both intricate and colored.

The two artists are available to work with on the weekdays but you will have to book an appointment if you want to see them on the weekends. The shop is located near Home Depot on Victory and is very easy to locate. Just look for the green awning and you will know where it is.

Good Fortune Tattoo Studio


Getting a tattoo is an exciting thing and you should consider a few things before getting it done. Be sure that the design you have chosen is going to work on your skin and general aesthetic. Also, consult the tattoo artist about the design and whether they are comfortable doing it in the first place. Choose a shop that specializes in your design type and get the tattoo you have always wanted.

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