15 Best Tattoo Shops in Vancouver – Client Reviewed – Updated 2022

Find the best tattoo shops in Vancouver. Get an overview of the top-tier quality found throughout this city. Royal Rose Tattoo Shop, Raincity, Super Cat Tattoo, Black Medicine Tattoo, Jamie Kan, Gastown Tattoo Parlour, Sacred Heart Tattoo, Black Rider Tattoo.

Vancouver, located in British Columbia Canada has a population of just over 600,000 people. It was one of the first cities to legalize tattooing and body piercing.

Since then it has become a hub for talented tattoo artists from all over the world looking to find work at one of the many reputable shops in Vancouver. While there are dozens of other excellent shops outside this list that deserve attention, these 15 best tattoo shops in Vancouver, give an overview of the top-tier quality found throughout this city.

The following best tattoo shops have been chosen based on three important factors:

  • First, artistic talent from within the shop from either its owner or staff members
  • Secondly, reputation amongst both other local artists and customers
  • Lastly, historical significance if any given shop holds.

Remember, there is no one best, shop in the city; each of these shops has deserved its place on this list. Each artist has their own style that each person has their own taste.

As soon as you find an artist you connect with, it’s time to start planning your tattoo. A good artist will work closely with you to make sure you get the tattoo that you want.

Some of The Best Tattoo Shops in Vancouver

The FALL Tattooing and Piercing

  • Website: thefalltattooing.com
  • Location: 644 Seymour St Vancouver, BC V6B 3K4
  • Phone: 604-676-3066
  • Social: Facebook / Instagram

Custom Tattoos and Precision Piercing by trained friendly staff. Their piercers are APP-approved.  Rate: Minimum charge undisclosed -Hourly rates vary with each artist.

FALL is a multifaceted, art-focused Vancouver tattoo parlor, studio, and gallery that promotes artists and their works by fostering interactions among alternative and multimedia artists in a peer-based, community setting, as well as developing a diverse residency of artists.

They work with artists to position mixed media, new forms, cutting-edge and alternative art as a vibrant part of the Canadian cultural consciousness.

The FALL Tattooing and Piercing

The FALL Tattooing and Piercing

Tattoo Union – Best Tattoo Shops In Vancouver

Tattoo Union is one of the most well-known tattoo studios in Vancouver. The tattoo shop has been around for more than 20 years, which is a testament to their great work. With over 30 artists working at their studio, Tattoo Union is ideal for those who are looking for variety with their tattoos. The place also offers piercing services, so you can get both done at the same time.

The tattoo shop is clean with good quality equipment, but the downside of their services can be that you could have to wait for a while before being attended.

Tattoo Union has done some quality work for their customers which can be seen in their portfolios, but they may take time before completing your piece (a few days to months). The awesome thing is that artists will not start working on your tattoo right away; instead, they let you see the design first and make changes according to what you like or don’t like about it.

Tattoo Specialties: Neo-traditional, Geometric designs, Traditional, Portrait Tattoo, Black and Gray

Tattoo Union - Best Tattoo Shops In Vancouver

Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective

Art / Apparel / Available Tattoo Designs in bio links.linktr.ee/liquidambertattoo

For over a decade, Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective has been providing quality tattoos. The three-story Liquid Amber Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery is located in the heart of Gastown, showcasing local artists and offering custom tattoos.

Liquid Amber Tattoo was first conceptualized by Justina Kervel & Luvia Petersen during their travels to Paris in the year 2000.  A chance meeting with shop owner and tattoo artist, Phillipine, of Kaplan Art Studio inspired them to contribute to the rise of females in the tattoo industry.

Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective

Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective

Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective

Super Cat Tattoo – Best Tattoo Shops in Vancouver

2456 East Hastings •Vancouver BC•18+•12-6 except Monday•
@jankybangers @castle_studio @wtf_gabbie

Super Cat Tattoo was founded by Chris Brand, who has over 25 years of experience in the art of tattooing. He also has a keen interest in Japanese culture and believed that he can bring something different to the table when creating his own style. At the Super Cat Tattoo, you can expect a fresh and loose vibe in a clean and organized studio with a staff that is truly passionate about what they’re doing.

Super Cat Tattoo offers Free consultations. They can arrange their services to be performed at any location (such as your home, workplace, or hotel).

super cat tattoo vancouver

SideStreet Tatto Shop

SideStreet tattoo is considered an “art form” rather than a business. This clean and modern shop has provided tattoos to many who actively contribute to society such as lawyers and doctors. Their friendly staff will work with you to design a meaningful custom piece that is just right for you at very affordable prices considering their top-of-the-line equipment and sterilization procedures.

Be sure to ask about their membership card, which gives you cash-back rewards and special pricing.

Their commitment to safety is shown by having a state-of-the-art sterilization center (housed in an autoclave room). All needles are single-use, all inks are vegan (no animal products), and they use latex gloves for protection. Furthermore, all staff members go through comprehensive training with Dave Bolton before handling any equipment or inks.

The SideStreet Tattoo collective is made up of talented artists including Devin Stacey, Olivia Lou, Spencer Nash, Miranda Ashley, and more. They’ve got lots of wall space to display their large portfolio of work. Be sure to check out their Instagram page for lots of photos!

Tattoo Specialties: Animal portraits, Eagles, American traditional. Dark work, etc.

side street tattoo vancouver

side street tattoo vancouver

Ninety-Nine Vancouver Tattoo Shop

The Ninety Nine Vancouver Tattoo Shop has seven talented tattoo artists who arrive on time and treat clients like family. They are known for creating clean, bold tattoos that are nearly impossible to feel. The shop is clean and has white walls with plenty of natural light. The staff are professional, knowledgeable in the field, well-spoken, have excellent suggestions for designs that you may want to receive, and can also help design tattoos to fit your needs.

Every artist at Ninety Nine Vancouver Tattoo Shop is exceptional in their own ways. Each one has a unique style that makes them stand out among other tattoo artists in the city.

Here are the names of some talented tattoo artists who work at Ninety Nine Vancouver Tattoo Shop: @fester_castruita @dejanfurlan @mj1tattoo  @okamejasmin  @bailytattoos  @miguelflorestattoos  @manuelgruber.art. 

If you want to get a tattoo at this shop, you have to book an appointment.

Ninety Nine Tattoo - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Ninety Nine Tattoo - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Ninety Nine Tattoo - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Cloud Serpent Studios

Cloud Serpent Studios is among the best custom tattoo shops in Vancouver, British Columbia. The creative team at Cloud Serpent has been featured in many publications as well as being voted best custom shop by readers of the Georgia Straight three years running.

There are many tattoo shops in Vancouver that can do tattoos very well but not all of them will stand out as much as Cloud Serpent Studios.

This shop is located on one of the most popular streets for tattoos in town and it’s pretty easy to find so you won’t have any trouble getting there! The artists working here are talented and experienced so they do know what they’re doing when it comes to making your tattoo ideas come to life.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting then you might just find it here!

Cloud Serpent Studios - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Cloud Serpent Studios - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Cloud Serpent Studios - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Two Tides Tattoo Shop

Two Tides Tattoo is a custom and walk-in studio situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Their talented team of artists caters to all styles. They carry the “best selection of high-grade ink (OEM) available anywhere,” which means that their needles are sterile and their ink is tested by other tattoo artists before they use it. They also sterilize their tools and equipment before each use.

Another unique aspect of Two Tides Tattoo is that they provide a “Tattoo Counseling Service” for those who are hesitant about getting a tattoo or who want to be sure that they know what they’re getting into.

Customers can talk to an artist or designer at the studio, where they have over 400 designs on the wall to choose from.

Two Tides Tattoo Shop - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Two Tides Tattoo Shop - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Two Tides Tattoo Shop - best tattoo shops in vancouver

Patchwork Art Studio

Patchwork Art Studio is a tattoo shop located in Vancouver. It is known for its clean environment and well-trained tattoo artists who are very talented at rendering their clients’ desired art. The studio is located near popular tourist landmarks like the Vancouver Art Gallery, Robson Street, and Stanley Park.

Tattoos done at Patchwork Art Studio can take anywhere from one to three sessions to complete, depending on the degree of intricacy required by the design. A session typically lasts 2-4 hours long.

The cost for a regular-sized tattoo ranges between $150 – $250 (C$200 – C$350) per hour with a minimum of two hours per session required. Prices may vary depending on factors such as the size and detail of the final piece of artwork.

Patchwork Art Studio accepts walk-ins and appointments.

Such a wonderful team of Tattoo Artists!

@ilovelucytattoo  – @badmilk.ink@ashleynicoletattoos@thewoodelf@angelavisual@dwam@hello_wasp@brawnsoone_tattoo@caledoniatattoo  @x.sleestak.x@whimsical.walnut@ink.dust@cadecran

Patchwork Art Studio - best tattoo shops in Vancouver

Patchwork Art Studio - best tattoo shops in Vancouver

Black Rider Tattoo Studio

Black Rider Tattoo Studio is among the best tattoo studios in Vancouver with an impressive client list that includes many well-known actors and musicians.

The artists here also do a lot of larger pieces incorporating many tattoos put together over a large area instead of a single piece on a small area. Many of these are done in one solid color but some incorporate very good shading or even some use for the added interest.

Most tattoos here cost between $300-$500 Canadian Dollars for something simple done in black and grey while most full-color pieces will start at around $600 CAD.

It is especially helpful if you come with reference pictures from books or magazines or even better from someone who has been there before. The shop does take walk-in customers but it is not uncommon for them to be booked up for a few weeks or even a few months.

They also have an online booking system through their website where you can find more information about prices, artists, and walk-in policies.

Tattoo Specialties: Traditional styles, Neo-traditional, Asian,Tribal, Black and Gray, Realism, Watercolor tattoos, Biomechanical, Large Pieces, Portraits and Caricatures, Surrealist and Fantasy Art Styles.

Black Rider Tattoo Studio

Black Rider Tattoo Studio

Chronic Ink- Tattoo Shops in Vancouver

Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop is one of the oldest tattoo shops in Vancouver. The tattoo shop is known for its highly skilled tattoo artists.

One unique thing about Chronic ink is that they also welcome people who want to become professional tattoo artists themselves. They teach an apprentice course called “Chronic Apprenticeship Program” (CAP) which allows students to learn various techniques and skills about tattoos, including safety precautions and sterilization procedures. They have produced many successful graduates; some working at different studios while still, others chose to open their own tattoo shops.

What is best about Chronic Ink is that their price and service are highly affordable and the wait time isn’t too bad. For a custom piece, it usually takes one or two sessions in order to finish, and it usually costs $300-$600 depending on the size and what you want done.

Having been around for such a long time, Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop definitely holds up its fame as one of the best tattoo shops in Vancouver.

chronic ink vancouver - best tattoo shops

chronic ink vancouver - best tattoo shops

Rainfire Tattoo Shop

Some of the best tattoos in Vancouver are done at Rainfire Tattoo Shop. The Rainfire Tattoo has been in existence for over 7 years. The Rainfire Tattoo Company offers various types of tattooing.

The artists are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality tattoos at affordable prices. They also offer top-notch customer service by creating an atmosphere that is relaxing, clean, and fun. It provides you the opportunity to select your design from a wide variety of styles that are either hand-drawn by artists or specially designed for customers.

The highly trained artists do the work for you using state-of-the-art techniques that ensure that these tattoos stay bright for years providing you value for your money. When you come to the Rainfire Tattoo Shop, you will find a staff who is very friendly and helpful. They understand that getting a tattoo for most people is a life-changing experience and they strive to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

The tattoo shop also has clean conditions which are maintained strictly according to health safety measures. A sterilization room is used by the artists before each session or appointment begins.

They value their unique identity as well as those of others in order to create original work that stands out from the crowd. For them, customer satisfaction and building relationships come first so they can continue making you happy about your body art.

It’s not a typical tattoo studio- we work by appointment only and don’t take walk-in clients. Providing a calm and peaceful experience for each client, we prefer that visitors email before they come by.

Rainfire Tattoo vancouver

Rainfire Tattoo vancouver

Jamie Kan Tattoo

  • Website: https://www.jamiekan.com/
  • Location: 73 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1K3, Canada
  • Instagram: FacebookInstagram 

Jamie Kan Tattoo Shop was the first tattoo shop to open in Downtown Vancouver. Owner Jamie Kan is known for his innovative designs that are drawn with bold lines and flat colors. The tattoo parlor’s large waiting room allows customers to be comfortable while they wait for their turn, and also features an array of artwork hanging on the walls.

The tattoo shop has a well-equipped online shop. You can get an array of products including; Aftercare, Numbing, Temp Tattoos, Freehand, Gift Cards, Art Prints, etc.

Due to the love of tattoo art, Jamie Kan Tattoo Shop also offers training courses for tattoo artists. The courses allow students to become tattoo artists in Vancouver and learn all of the skills that they need. The comprehensive tattoo artist course runs for three days.

Tattoo Specialties: Floral Tattoos, Airy, Botanical Tattoos, Black Work Tattoos,Feminine Tattoos.

Jamie Kan Tattoo

Jamie Kan Tattoo

Royal Rose Tattoo Shop In Vacouver

First opened its doors in 1984, Royal Rose Tattoo Shop took over the empty space where a previous tattooing business had burned down. Jimi Wood, the founder of the company saw an opportunity to do something great for this city that was growing so quickly with so many local artists. His shop soon became known as one of the best places for quality tattoos and piercings throughout the entire province.

The owner’s passion, enthusiasm, and love for what he does is evident through his professional attitude towards both customers and staff alike. He has helped mentor countless talented artists who have made their way out on their own over the years. Look through the shop’s photo gallery and you’ll notice many of the artists have their own distinct styles; each one is truly unique.

The staff is what truly makes Royal Rose stand out to us as one of the best tattoo shops in Vancouver. The team possesses an incredible mix of both young talent and global veterans who are constantly pushing each other to create something great for this city. Whether it’s tattoos, piercings, or body jewelry, you can always expect top-quality work from Royal Rose Tattoo Shop.

Their second location in kitsilano is coming up soon this summer!

Tattoo Specialties: Japanese, Colour, Florals, Neo-traditional, Geometric, Traditional, Portrait Tattoo, Realism Tattoo, Black and Gray.


Tattoo Shops in Vancouver: FAQs

Q: How long will my tattoo take to heal?

A: A new tattoo takes between two and six weeks to heal. During the first few days, you must be careful not to let it get wet or dirty, or scratch it if possible.

Q: How much do tattoos cost in Vancouver?

A: How much does a tattoo cost?  Most tattoo artists in Vancouver charge between $175 and $190 an hour for large pieces, whereas small tattoos only cost $100. Small tattoos are priced per piece.

Q: How do I take care of my new tattoo?

A: Immediately after your new tattoo is finished, keep your hands off of it! Your artist worked hard to make sure the lines are clean, so try not to touch them during this crucial time period. After that point, wash gently with water only – no soap – for the next ten days. Don’t pick at scabs – instead, be gentle while they’re healing, but don’t worry about being too gentle! As long as you’re properly moisturized on a regular basis your tattoos will be healed in no time.

Q: How do I know if it will scar?

A: If you treat your tattoo properly, it should not scar. Some people might be genetically predisposed to keloid scars. These people can still get tattoos – however, there is a higher risk of developing them after the fact. So far, there is no cure for these types of scars and they can be itchy or ugly looking.

Q: How long does laser removal surgery take?

A: Laser removal surgery takes about an hour per session and is performed in several sessions, usually until the blemish has completely gone away or diminished somewhat. It varies per person and depends on how extensive the tattoo or what type of ink was used and exactly which lasers are used in the process.

Laser removal surgery is typically performed with local anesthesia to numb the area, and it can leave scarring if not performed properly or when dealing with dark skin tones.

Q: Can I get a tattoo over an older one?

A: If you’re looking to add art to your body in this way, know that there are two different options for you to choose from. The first of these is dermabrasion, which is more of a cosmetic procedure for the treatment of facial scars rather than tattoos specifically. As such, unless you have severe scarring or seek cosmetic improvement of your skin tone or texture, then dermabrasion may not be worth it for you overall.

This usually takes place once per year. The other option is called dermal or subsurface scarring. This process requires your doctor to inject your old tattoo with a chemical solution that causes it to fade away over the course of ten to fourteen days. During this time, you should refrain from applying any new tattoos to the area.

Last Thoughts – Best Tattoo Shops in Vancouver

If you are looking to have a unique tattoo in Vancouver, there are many good tattoo shops to choose from. The above 15 tattoo shops in Vancouver are just a few of those that are worthy of your consideration.