Tattoo Styles and Ideas – The Ultimate Guide to Tattoo Design

Here’s our complete guide to tattoo styles! If you’re thinking of doing a tattoo, this video will help you decide the tattoo idea, even if you are at the first tattoo or not.

What you do with your body is a personal choice, and nobody should be judging if you’re getting a tattoo or a piercing. With this issue checked, let’s guide you through the main tattooing styles we documented, helping you decide what kind of tattoo you want on your skin.

Write in the comments below if you have a tattoo and which style, to help others with their choice. Get some tattoo ideas from the list below:

0:00 Intro
1. Small Tattoos 0:48
2. Minimalist Tattoos 1:14
3. Geometric Tattoos 1:50
4. Script / Word / Lettering Tattoos 2:22
5. Traditional Tattoos 2:59
6. Realism / Realistic Tattoos 3:33
7. Watercolor Tattoos 4:05
8. Tribal / Polynesian / Maori / Hawaiian Tattoos 4:34
9. Mandala Tattoos 5:07
10. New School Tattoos 5:31
11. Neo Traditional Tattoos 5:58
12. Japanese Tattoos 6:28
13. Blackwork Tattoos 7:00
14. Illustrative Tattoos 7:30
15. Chicano Tattoos 8:01
16. Biomechanical / Anatomical Tattoos 8:31
17. Trash Polka Tattoos 9:00
18. Blast Over Tattoos 9:28

These are the main tattooing styles that we documented. We hope this video will help you in your decision and remember: you are 100% in charge of your body!