11 Interesting Tattoos For Men By The World’s Best Tattoo Artists

Tattoos for men by some of the top tattoo artist in the world. Find your new idea for style inspiration for the chest, sleeve, forearm.

It’s important that your tattoos stand alone as pieces of art. A torso full of sprawling tattoos might not be a winner if you have sleeves, legs, and a torso full of them. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo, these tattoo parlors and artists are some of the best.

Getting a tattoo at one of the places below may be more expensive or require a longer lead time, but you’ll be happier in the long run. If you think you picked up a cool one at some hole-in-the-wall tattoo parlor on the boardwalk, think again.

It is possible to get artistic, silly, sentimental or even all of these types of tattoos for men. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tattoo artists and trends below if you’re looking for inspiration. Here are some tattoos for guys (and anyone else) to get you inspired. Once the world starts opening up, follow these tattoo parlors and artists on Instagram so that you can book their services.

1. American Traditional Tattoos by Old Ironsides

Due to their classic look and symbolism, old-timey nautical tattoos have recently made a comeback. These tattoos have meaning spanning nearly 200 years. Their black outline, older-looking designs without much detail, and bold basic colors define them.

Ships and women can represent safe havens or a part of your past, while swallows and sparrows can symbolize survival over great distances.

2. Abstract Tattoo Style by Bang Bang Tattoo

The story behind the tattoo is a big part of what makes it enjoyable. Even if you only want decoration on your body, an intricate, abstract piece of art requires an absolute professional to use a tattoo gun. As you can see in the image below, passersby cannot tell what the tattooed individual wants to convey. With your own ink, you can achieve this mysterious and intriguing combination!


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3. Fine Line Tattoos by Dr. Woo

Symbols can be as simple as an image for some tattoo ideas, but they represent so much more! The image should not be cluttered unnecessarily, since it is what is important.

As seen on this Elephant by LA Rockstar Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo, you can add single needle circles or details to your tattoo to add some style and artistic flair. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful it becomes with all the fine details, making it seem like much more than just an elephant.

Fine line tattoos use very thin, straight or curved lines without any gradation in shade or color. Color, texture, and shading are not as important as form in these tattoos. Consequently, it is possible to include a lot of details in the design without overcharging.


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4. Obstacle Illusions by Kevin Tattoos

Kevin is a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist. If you ever get a chance to be tattooed by him, consider yourself so damn lucky. In terms of aesthetics, his works are unmatched by any other artist we’ve ever seen, and his tattoo creations are way beyond what we’ve grasped in terms of tattoo knowledge. To create unimaginably unreal faces, he applies thick and thin linework in various configurations that glitch, slide, and chop.

The majority of his faces share a similar stylistic style, but all of them have a unique look and a sense of semi-tragic circumstance. If you want to recreate anything similar to Kevin’s tattoo, don’t head to a random tattoo studio. This style of tattoo can be found anywhere on the body, but if you want this kind of tattoo anywhere on your body, you better get to Brooklyn and see Kevin.


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5. Geometric Tattoos by Saved Tattoo

Saved Tattoo’s owner, Scott Campbell, is renowned for his geometric tattoo designs. It is possible for his combination of geometry and fine art to create truly stunning pieces due to the combination of both.

According to ancient scholars, geometric tattoos were often connected to spiritual practices and religious beliefs. Today, they are symbolic of balance, symmetry, stability, intelligence, mystery, and much more.

Creating balance, symmetry, and even mystery is one of the reasons why geometric tattoos are so popular. Most designs can incorporate a geometric element, which makes them more interesting. It is possible to get a wolf tattoo in which the lines and shapes are emphasized, thus giving the tattoo a unique look, or you can have something as simple as a triangle tattooed on your body.


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6. Script Tattoos By Hector Daniels

It may be that you are particularly attached to a phrase, song lyric, or literary quotation, so much so that you wish to constantly be reminded of it and have it tastefully printed on your skin. Men and women alike have been getting this tattoo in recent years. To make it even more personal, you can even have it written in the handwriting of someone close to you.

In the world, script tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. In its simplicity, this tattoo is beautiful. The versatility of this style also makes it a great choice. There are many different types of script tattoos. If you wish, you may choose slogans, quotes, mottoes, and names.


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7. Palm Tattoos By Luke.A.Ashley

It will hurt if you get a tattoo in your palm because it is one of your most sensitive body parts. Because hands are more sensitive than shoulders or calf, tattoo needles are going to sting.

There is always controversy surrounding palm tattoos among tattooists and clients. Clients find this an unusual place for tattooing, and artists find it a challenging job with an unknown future.

Among true tattoo art fans from all over the world, black tattoos with bold lines and often traditional plots have gained unprecedented popularity! He masterfully performs tattoos on palms in a variety of styles, such as graphics, ornamentalism, neotrad, and many others..

The work of Luke.A.Ashley is definitely worth checking out to satisfy your curiosity, regardless of whether you’ve ever dreamed of getting a tattoo on your palm or not.


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8. Stick and Pokes by Grey Fitzgerald

In addition to stick and poke tattooing, Grey is mainly based in Chicago. Ink and needle are the only tools required for stick and poke tattoos. Among DIY punks (as well as prison inmates), this handmade style of tattooing is popular, but tattoo artists can also use it effectively. He has a terrific range of work that includes cute characters, florals, stars, and more.

It depends on where the stick-and-poke is placed, the design, and how sensitive you are to pain whether stick-and-pokes hurt or not.

In a sterile environment, with quality ink and sterile equipment, stick poke tattoos are safe when performed by professionals. You run a higher risk of infection, injury, and other complications when you get a stick poke tattoo done by someone without professional training and experience.


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9. Family Portraits by Alican Gorgu

You’re looking for a unique way to preserve your favorite family portrait, but aren’t sure what to do? A colorful and black and gray faceless tattoo mimicking your most treasured family photo is created by Istanbul-based artist Alican Gorgu (@pigmentninja on Instagram).

Gorgu often travels to various locations around the world in order to reach more clients, even though it’s pretty hard to get to Istanbul during a pandemic. Additionally, Gorgu can also draw any tattoo you wish to be done by a local artist instead.

You can expect to spend between $150 and $450 on a medium-sized tattoo like a tribal or portrait. Depending on how long it takes, tattoo artists typically charge between $120 and $150 per hour.


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10. Small Tattoos by Brooke Candy

Are you interested in getting tattooed by a musical artist? It’s possible. In addition to her influence in the tattoo industry, Brooke Candy is an influential figure in the music scene. During quarantine, she picked up a tattoo gun and hasn’t put it down since.

Despite their size, Brooke’s tattoos are quite expensive because they are more or less a meet-and-greet.

The rapper, singer, and songwriter Brooke Dyan Candy is an American. Her rise to fame came after she starred in Grimes’ viral music video for “Genesis”, which she starred in as the daughter of Tom Candy, former CFO of Hustler Magazine.


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11. Floral Style By Justin Olivier

New Orleans native Justin creates paintings and tattoos influenced by vintage tattoos and New Orleans-related themes.

In ancient cultures, flowers were a direct symbol of god’s contentment; they have as many meanings as they are varied. Flowers often symbolize love between two people today.

There are fifteen flowers that can be used for healing: Sage, dandelion, verbena, camellia, daisy, Malva, azalea, mullein, monarda, yarrow, chrysanthemum, magnolia, tansy, Valerian, and anthurium. In addition to their medicinal properties, these plants also carry symbolism from different cultures.


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