The Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo – Here’s what it means

Brand Of Sacrifice tattoo ideas and designs and what it means. Tattoos for the sleeve, wrist, arm, chest small or large. Berserk Tattoos.

Since tattoos are becoming more accepted by society, tattoos have become more common. In most countries, tattoos are no longer considered taboo. Therefore, you may be interested in getting a unique design.

You may have noticed the Berserk brand of sacrifice on many people. Many people get this tattoo on their necks because it is so famous. There are also some people who get Berserk wristbands and ankles.

What is the meaning of the brand of sacrifice or are you interested in its origin? You will find a detailed guide here.

What Does The Brand Of Sacrifice Mean?

From the Japanese manga Berserk comes the fictional concept of the brand of sacrifice. Those who receive the Invocation of Doom will have it marked. During the sacrificial ceremony, individuals are considered transcendent by the laws of causality. As a result of the ceremony, a God Hand member or an apostle is created.

In addition, the ceremony also ends the apostle’s ties with humanity. Please be aware that this is a Japanese manga concept. Some fans, however, may believe this is real.

Dark creatures receive the lives of the sacrificed during the sacrificial ceremony. Additionally, the life of someone close to the individual making the sacrifice is also offered.

People have gotten tattoos of this brand, so it is very popular. Berserk, a manga by the Japanese, is also incredibly popular around the world.

Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

Foundations Of The Brand Of Sacrifice

From the Japanese manga Berserk comes the brand of sacrifice. This has been running since 1989. The manga is a black-and-white comic book from Japan. This is a more serious comic book than superhero books.

There is also an anime series, so you do not have to read the comics to enjoy Berserk. There is a visual version of every volume. Guts, the main character in the series, is branded with a mark of sacrifice from birth.

Watching the anime or reading the book also helps you understand the Invocation of Doom ceremony. In the series and manga, people chosen for this ceremony are marked with the brand of sacrifice.

Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

Full Berserk Sleeve

In contrast to the typical Berserk tattoo, this design is a vertical full-arm sleeve. Demonstrating Void and Slan of the God Hand, as well as Griffith and Guts. It appears that the style of art used here is influenced by the original manga art style.

Full Berserk Sleeve Tattoo

Meaning And Symbolism Of Berserk Tattoos

What is the meaning of Berserk tattoos? There is no doubt that this tattoo means the wearer is a fan of the manga or show. Though, we can only speculate about the actual Berserk tattoo meaning.

In keeping with the show’s ethos, one might research Berserk tattoo ideas because they are drawn to the deeper messages. Berserk tattoos would certainly be appealing if you’re a fan of liberty and freedom.

Your appreciation of the show’s animation style might be interpreted as an artistic meaning. You, as an artist, may be able to understand the thick to thin lines in a language that others cannot understand.


Skull Knight

The Skull Knight, one of my favorite characters, holds his Beherit Sword in front of what appears to be the eclipse.

Where did Guts get The Brand Of Sacrifice?

The interesting thing about the Berserk brand is that it has been with him since birth. According to the series, Guts was conferred the brand on a day of eclipse. The reason he was not chosen for the sacrificial ceremony later in the series is because of this.

Additionally, Guts is one of the two Berserk brands of sacrifice survivors on the show. He couldn’t be removed because he didn’t meet the criteria for the ritual and his sacrifice was rejected. It wasn’t relevant that he existed for God Hand.

In addition, he had already been branded by the eclipse. Therefore, he was unable to undergo the ritual. His survival in the series and manga was due to these two qualities.

Guts get The Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

Berserk Tattoos

The manga Berserk was written by Kentaro Miura and illustrated by him. Miura’s illustrations are incredibly detailed, as anyone who has read the manga knows.

The manga is beautiful and dark at the same time. As you will notice how detailed each page of the manga is, Miura’s illustrations speak for themselves. Berserk’s artwork is hard not to want tattooed on you.

Berserk Tattoos

Why Did Griffith Betray Guts?

The main character of Berserk, Guts, had a friend named Griffith. On the show, he initiated the Invocation of Doom ceremony and sacrificed an army of friends. Additionally, he assaulted Guts’ love interest.

In the show, he felt betrayed by Guts, which contributed to his betrayal of his best friend. This was due to Guts’s love for Griffith’s ex-girlfriend. On top of that, he felt he couldn’t share his burdens with his best friend. As a result, he betrayed Guts.

Is The Berserk Symbol Real?

Berserk’s symbol has some resemblance to the Norse runes. Additionally, manga’s creator is known for incorporating real-life references into his work. The Berserk sacrifices could be genuine.

There is, however, no accurate information about whether the brand is real or not. In addition to this, the creator of the manga has never revealed the origin of the symbol. The Berserk brand may not be a genuine sacrifice for this reason.

Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo With Berserk Symbol

Brand of Sacrifice

Those who are anointed for the Invocation of Doom are marked with the Brand of Sacrifice. An act of sacrifice during which those consecrated by the laws of causality transcend their humanity. Thus creating an apostle or a God Hand member, and severing an apostle’s last connection to humanity.

Brand of Sacrifice

What does the Berserk “Brand of Sacrifice” tattoo mean?

Since the major symbol/tattoo in the manga Berserk is a black or red sigil, this tattoo is a popular choice among collectors.

Berserk’s wiki explains: “The Brand of Sacrifice signifies the anointment for the Invocation of Doom, a ceremony that transcends the human condition.”

People who have sacrificed a loved one become apostles of the “God Hand,” demons that act as antagonists in the series.

Full Berserk Sleeve

Simple Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

You will love this tattoo design if you are searching for something crisp yet impactful. Emboldened in black, the logo of sacrifice berserk tattoo stands out. For those getting inked for the very first time, this may be the ideal choice.

Simple Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

As a Berserker, Guts is protected by a special armour that gives him supernatural strength. The skull knight, one of the main characters who happens to be Guts’ ally, wore it before. Berserkers are referred to as those who wear this protective shield. Detailed eye sockets glowing in a reddish hue accentuate the design. The symbol is beautifully highlighted in white ink and outlined in red.

Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo

About Berserk Tattoos

This guide is for those who love the Berserk series and have been mulling over Berserk tattoo ideas. There’s no denying that Berserk is a dark and twisted fantasy that’s considered an acquired taste.

There is a middle-earth European-inspired world in this manga, so it’s different from most what’s popular today.

This series of adventure-driven stories takes the reader into a dark world with characters who explore themes of free will, causality, and destiny.

The story of Berserk has been adapted into not just one, but two anime series, as well as a feature film and video game.

The world of manga often consists of series like this, which are often turned into anime shows or films for further enjoyment and storytelling variety.

Ink and manga community members have both been displaying Berserk-inspired tattoos due to Berserk’s popularity. In terms of tattoo ideas, Berserk tattoos are special and could have a number of meanings for the wearer.

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