Triforce Tattoo Ideas and Designs – Everything You Need

Check out these Triforce Tattoo Ideas. The majority of people who love Triforce/Zelda tattoos are also avid gamers.

It is therefore not surprising to see numerous tattoo compositions based on legendary video game characters.

There are many tattoo designs that incorporate video game-related elements. In the game Super Mario, the 1-up mushroom gives players an extra life or the red-clad Italian plumber. Triforce and Zelda tattoos are among the simplest, most elegant, gentle, and trendy video game tattoo designs.

What does Triforce Tattoo Mean?

“The triangle in the middle represents a triforce, and each of its three pieces represents a virtue: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.”

Meaning of Triforce

Behind the design of Triforce lies its meaning. A trio of triangles makes up this illustrious heirloom. They are arranged in such a way that they form one huge triangle. Those who live in the mystical kingdom of Hyrule call it “Golden Power.”

Throughout the entire game, the Triforce is a crucial and prominent part of the story. This symbol represents universal power. This powerful symbol is sought after by all the antagonists in the game. The figure is a very classic and simple composition.

In addition, it is a well-known figure worldwide. Thus, there are so many fans who engrave the Triforce tattoos on their bodies as a way of showing their love for the series.

Triforce Tattoos

History of Triforce Ink Art

Legend of Zelda from Nintendo, which debuted in 1986, is known as the origin and invention of the Triforce tattoo. There is an endless war between good and evil in this game, which is a story for beginners. Hero Link and Princess Zelda are representatives of good who are fighting against a wicked and unjust antagonist, Ganondorf.

There were several symbolic meanings and explanations in this game. From the fifth game in the Legend of Zelda series, there is the legendary master sword of Link, as well as Navi, the fairy. However, it is only Triforce tattoos that have become a renowned symbol to this day.

Does Link have a Triforce Tattoo?

Whether this is truly the Mark of a Hero, the Triforce of Courage, merely a birthmark, or a tattoo is unknown. The Mark shows emphasis on the Triforce of Courage like the mark shown in games where Link possesses the Triforce of Courage itself.

What’s the meaning of Triforce?

It means filters. An arrangement of three equilateral triangles is arranged so that a fourth triangle of the same shape can be inserted between them. noun.
Triforce Tattoos
Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos 59

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos
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Triforce Tattoos
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Triforce Tattoos
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Triforce Tattoos
Triforce Tattoos
Triforce Tattoos
Triforce Tattoos

What is the Triforce symbol?

It is far from being a plot device, but rather a symbol of growth and harmony in real life as well as in mythology. Power, Wisdom, and Courage are represented by the triangles of the Triforce. Power, Wisdom, and Courage correspond with the body, mind, and soul.

Who created the Triforce?

Several Zelda legends state that the Golden Goddesses created the Triforce upon the completion of Hyrule, and that its three parts – Wisdom, Power, and Courage – would wield formidable power if combined.

Depiction of Triforce

Triforce is not just a part of the game, as most people believe, but this is not the case. As well as being part of a game, this particular symbol has significance and associations of its own.

You can also engrave Triforce as a tattoo on your body to express and show few emotions. Ink art compositions such as this are popular with many people.

An ideal Triforce tattoo is associated with noteworthy and remarkable figures and conveys a meaningful message through honor and integrity. There are three triangles in a triforce, and each triangle represents courage, wisdom, and power.

The triangle representing courage belongs to Link, the game’s protagonist. Princess Zelda is blessed with wisdom, and the villain Ganondorf is endowed with power. The Triforce is defined by these associations. But this is not all it means.

Significance of Triforce

In the Triforce motif, the three major characteristics discussed above are represented as courage for the soul, wisdom for the mind, and power for the body.

You can do wonderful things in life only because of the boldness and courage of your spirit. You can achieve the things you thought you weren’t capable of with the help of a brave soul.

Moving forward, you must use your knowledge of the mind and foresight to make the best decisions of your life. If your body is strong and intense, you can change impossible into “I’m Possible.” With your physical strength, you can jump off any hurdle and overcome any obstacle that stands between you and your goals.

The three major elements that make up a human being can be seen in this symbol when viewed as a whole. Triforce Tattoo depicts the idea that every human being is equal and a part of God’s plan.

Triforce Tattoos

A Triforce tattoo would be incomplete without the three key elements. The three parts of Triforce in the video game are divided, but it would be foolish to have only one or two of them tattooed.

All three parts of the Triforce depict completion and a feeling of balance, but the meaning of the Triforce remains unfinished and incomplete.

The tattoo will never be a Triforce if one, two, or any three of the artifacts are missing. Without the Triforce of power and wisdom, a person is incomplete. Although one may be courageous, he or she will be unable to think wisely or possess the physical strength to fight.

In the absence of the other two components, the meaning of the Triforce of Wisdom would remain incomplete. While one may be able to make an intellectual decision, one lacks the power and courage to implement it. A wise decision and a courageous soul cannot be balanced out by the Triforce alone.

Triforce symbol’s design and fractal alignment represent completion and balance in life. The Triforce figure can be repeated endlessly, but you will need to keep in mind that it is a whole figure, with no missing elements. By doing this, you will be able to feel a sense of completion both within and without.

Best Places For A Triforce Tattoo

People who are unfamiliar with one of the most popular games of the gaming community, “Legends of Zelda,” are likely to think that a Triforce symbol is just an ordinary symbol.

However, many die-hard fans of this exciting and adventurous game, as well as those who have been playing this game since it was launched, hold a Triforce symbol very dear to their hearts. The symbol represents to them the completion of their existence and the balance of their lives.

A variety of Triforce designs would be a great option for you if you’re part of the gaming community and love tattoos. I think it is really important to choose the right design for the right place on the body. Getting a tattoo at the right place will determine how much pain you suffer during the process. You should also consider how you want your tattoo to appear on your body.

These are some ideas about where you can get a Triforce tattoo and what design you should get:

Triforce Tattoos 28

Triforce Tattoos 29

Triforce Tattoos 30

Triforce Tattoos 31

Triforce Tattoos 32

Triforce Tattoos 33

Triforce Tattoos 34

Triforce Tattoos 36

Triforce Tattoos 37

Triforce Tattoos 39

Triforce Tattoos 40

Triforce Tattoos 42

Triforce Tattoos 43

Triforce Tattoos 45

Triforce Tattoos 46

Triforce Tattoos 47

Triforce Tattoos 48

Triforce Tattoos 49

Triforce Tattoos 50

Triforce Tattoos 51

Triforce Tattoos 52

Triforce Tattoos 53

Triforce Tattoos 96

Triforce Tattoos 95

Triforce Tattoos 94

Triforce Tattoos 93

Triforce Tattoos 91

Triforce Tattoos 90

Triforce Tattoos 83

Triforce Tattoos 76

Triforce Tattoos 65

Triforce Tattoos 71

Triforce Tattoos 69

Triforce Tattoos 56

Triforce Tattoos 62

Triforce Tattoos 72

Triforce Tattoos 58

Triforce Tattoos 57

Triforce Tattoos 78

Triforce Tattoos 87

Triforce Tattoos 81

Triforce Tattoos 88

Triforce Tattoos 89

Triforce Tattoos 60

Triforce Tattoos 82

Triforce Tattoos 74

Triforce Tattoos 64

Triforce Tattoos 66

Triforce Tattoos 79

Triforce Tattoos 67

Triforce Tattoos 68

Triforce Tattoos 63

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triforce tattoo ideas

triforce tattoo ideas

triforce tattoo ideas


On the inner forearm, a Triforce tattoo done in trash polka would look artistic and abstract. Choose a simple golden Triforce symbol with shade work for a more realistic and gentler appearance.

Where you get it is entirely up to you. Either the inside or outside of your forearm will work. Inked black Triforce tattoos or combinations of black Triforce tattoos with geometric patterns and dot work would look great on the inner forearm. Wrap a small animated image of Princess Zelda and Link for a more colorful and funky style.


The upper wrist would look great with either a black inked Triforce tattoo or a combination of black inked and colored Triforce tattoos. It would look great to have a tiny Triforce symbol at the corner of your wrist if you want to keep your tattoo more discreet and stylish.

Whether it’s colorful, abstract, or simply black ink, it can be anything you want.


For your Triforce ink art, you can choose one corner or side of your chest, or cover it all. It looks great wherever you place it. If you want a more masculine look, get an animated image of the Triforce sign from Legends of Zelda.

An inked or geometric design or dot design of a medium or small Triforce tattoo will look excellent if you want a simpler and more gentle look. When you want to cover just one side of your chest, then a well-designed Triforce motif would be your best choice. You can either have colors or completely black ink; the choice is yours.

Below are a few suggestions we thought were good. The Triforce symbol can be placed anywhere you like.

Final Words

Diehard Legend of Zelda fans understands the significance of a Triforce tattoo engraved on their bodies. If you are not familiar with the game, you may not recognize the true meaning of this tattoo, but those who are will regard it highly.

You feel like you belong to a certain group when you have a Triforce tattoo on your body. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women. Make this tattoo more personal by adding hearts, flowers, swords, or anything else that is meaningful to you.

There is no doubt that the Triforce symbol is among the most popular symbols of the modern era. Its design is incredibly simple, which is part of its appeal. Essentially, it consists of three triangles that form a larger triangle with an inner triangle that is vacant.
The symbol is based on The Legend of Zelda, a classic video game universe, and its meaning is discovered during the game.