What Are the Different Types of Ear Piercings and How Much Does It Hurt?

Getting an ear piercing is great. Standard lobe piercings are fun, but have you tried cultivating a collection of piercings on the ear?

This style is popular among fashionistas. Piercing multiple ears isn’t just for celebrities; you will find piercing lovers in your circle. In ancient times, piercings were both medical and stigmatized. Since its beginnings, this trend has evolved into a much-loved fashion statement.

There’s no denying that Instagram has played a part in influencing thousands of people through piercing fewer. It is understandable that the delicate jewelry adorning various piercing spots on the ear is irresistible.

This article is already piercing you if you are reading it. If you are looking for information, you are in the right place. In the long run, you’ll enjoy having a particular kind of piercing once you get over the aftercare.

Want your outfit to be edgy without being trashy? It is easy to achieve with a daith or a rook piercing. Almost anyone would love to have a string of beautiful diamonds climbing up their ears.

In addition to the material satisfaction of getting an ear piercing, it is also a very emotional experience. People often view it as a mark of pride in what they stand for and ownership of their bodies. It seems like society accepts ear piercings despite the fact that most body modifications are frowned upon. What is so special about ear piercings that society does this to them?

Ear piercing is available in even the most remote regions of our planet. Piercings define the traditions of tribes and people with a community mindset. If you want to get your ears pierced today, you should follow a few general norms and guidelines.

ear piercings

ear piercings

What Are Some Types of ear piercings?

Choosing the right ear piercing can sometimes be a challenge because there is such a wide variety available. There are different levels of discomfort and recovery times associated with different types of piercings. There is also a difference in aftercare depending on where the incision is made. Before you get a piercing, you should be aware of all the aspects of the various types of piercings.

Due to the variety of ways you can do this, this trend has gained so much popularity. You can use your ear as a canvas to demonstrate your inner self through the various types of piercings you have.


Need help choosing a new piercing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You will find all the details you need about ear piercings in this simple cheat sheet guide.

  • Piercings of the cartilage tend to be more painful than those of the lobes.
  • Individual pain thresholds determine pain levels.
  • People heal at different speeds.

Here is a guide to the most followed trends of ear piercings and what follows once you get them done. The easy-to-use ear piercing chart.

ear piercing chart

ear piercing chart

Lobe Piercings

High-Lobe Piercing

High-Lobe Piercing Example

We’re all familiar with this piercing, and none of us even remember how painful or how deeply wound it was. The procedure is usually performed under the supervision of your parents, and you are free to complain about the pain as much as you like, even when it isn’t as bad as you imagined. Adults, however, can certainly experiment with this type of piercing and get a new one. This procedure is painless, and the small wound usually heals within a few days.


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The Helix Piercing

The Helix Ear Piercing

The Helix Ear Piercing Example

They are cartilage piercings along the top of the ear. There is no pain associated with this piercing; you may feel only a slight prick as the gauge needle is inserted. It is a good choice for someone who is unfamiliar with piercings since there are no nerve endings in the helix area. Jewelry is available for this piercing in a wide variety of styles. This look can be achieved by using anything from studs to beaded rings or barbells.

The forward Helix

Another cartilage piercing, less prominent than the first helix piercing, is also located along with the upper ear. There are more of them near the end of the helix. Most of the time, this piercing is adorned with studs. Obviously, you can also work with other delicate pieces of jewelry.


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Industrial Piercing

A fancy piercing like this is a great way to show off your style. An industrial piercing consists of two piercings that each carry a single piece of jewelry. The forward helix is pierced and the back ear is pierced. If your piercer advises you, you can experiment with additional designs. This piercing is usually decorated with a single barbell.


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The Snug Piercing

A more noticeable piercing would be this one. There is a patch halfway up the vertical segment of the ear cartilage in which it is printed. A miniature earring or tiny stud is usually attached to this piercing. The inner part of the piercing requires micro jewelry.

Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing Example

A little intimidating, but also quite distinctive piercing. This piercing is similar to the snug piercing, but it is vertically positioned above the tragus. Conchs have a ridge separating their front and an inner portion that is called the ridge of the conch. Make stunning bead rings with a curved barbell.

The conch piercing

Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing Example

The design is certainly eye-catching. In comparison to what you would expect, the pain is relatively mild. This type consists of two categories, one inner and one outer. To embellish this area, you can wear a stunning bead ring. It is named after the conch shells that are found in the ocean, which gives it its name.


A jewelry piece is worn to connect any two piercings. A single piece of jewelry can connect any two piercings, and it is not just for the ear. Helixes and antihelices typically have these.


Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing Example

Directly behind the ear canal, it serves as a listening device. When the tragus of your ear is thicker, it may be difficult to achieve this. The effort is worth it once you have successfully handled the aftercare. A piercing on your navel can be worn with various styles of jewelry and is among the most versatile.


The piercings are regular lobe piercings. Despite being called anti-tragus piercings, it is quite similar to tragus piercings

Transverse lobe

This is a contemporary take on lobe piercing. A statement is your best bet if you’re looking to stand out. The lower part of the ear is adorned with a horizontal barbell that runs horizontally under the ear lobe and all that can be seen are two metal ends. Depending on your lobe structure, shape, and anatomy, this type may apply.

The Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing Examples

In order to get this done, you need to do some research. Be sure you understand what getting a daith piercing is like and what you should expect. There are quite a few challenges involved with having such a piercing. In view of this, it is advisable to seek the expertise of a professional to get the job done right. A lot can go wrong, and they can go wrong very quickly.

Daiths are implanted through the cartilage that runs through the ear. In this case, piercing through the fold is very challenging, and getting a clean piercing is even harder. Your ear’s structure also plays a role in this. If you keep it clean and well-maintained, you’ll be able to wear all sorts of jewelry and flaunt one of the world’s most fashionable piercings.


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The Auricle

They will suit both delicate and bold rings, whichever your taste may be. The cartilage has an outer rim that contains this substance. Piercings from the lobe up are usually part of a strand. It can look gorgeous alone or complement any other ear piercing you might have. Within three to four months, it heals without pain.


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One angle of the skin only reveals the piercings on this surface. Anterior to the tragus, they usually are located.

ear piercings Pain

ear piercings Pain

1. Study your response to pain

Your tolerance to pain must be known. Getting pierced in areas such as the lobe can be a good option if you have trouble handling sharp pain and your body takes a long time to heal.

2. Sharp objects

Those who are not comfortable with sharp objects near their skin or have a fear of needles might want to stick with artificial earrings and ear jewelry. If you want to get rid of your fear, this is the place where you can start. You should start by treating the lobe first, as it heals faster.

3. Allergies

Before entering a piercing parlor, do your homework. You may not be at fault if your piercing experience backfires because of an allergy to a certain type of metal and you do not react well to it. When you have your ears pierced, you should know precisely what metal is being used

4. It won’t work

There are some piercings that are not suitable for everyone. If your piercer describes the daith as not suitable for your ear structure, do not get it done.

Always, always go to a professional

Piercings are most commonly offered at tattoo parlors. Consider getting your ear lobe pierced at a reputable place as well. Any place offering “piercing” without validation should be avoided.

Go with a friend

One friend is what we mean by “a friend.”. Select someone with whom you feel completely at ease. There are times when the sharp pain, which only lasts a minute, can make you swear. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to do that in front of the whole group of friends?




What should be done before you get a piercing?

Even though your piercer is responsible for most of the piercing process, you should still take steps to ensure everything goes smoothly. You should be very sure of a few things, aside from following the general guidelines.

Investigate! I cannot emphasize this enough. In some cases, uninformed visitors have a bad experience at a piercing parlor as a result of their lack of knowledge. It’s very important to know what type of piercing you are looking for. Knowing the exact position of the needle can be crucial if you are getting a procedure done by a shady individual. This isn’t advised. You should always seek the advice of friends or colleagues before getting a piercing

When done incorrectly, piercings may end up damaging the ear’s structure. Be sure to consider all aspects of the piercing before stepping into a piercing parlor. Piercing costs play an extremely significant role in this experience. It is advisable to postpone the piercing until you have enough money to get a reputable piercing. A piercing’s price is determined by its aftercare, healing time, and location.


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The aftercare for ear piercings

This is equally important as the type of piercing tool. Instructions must never be ignored. Healing can be sped up by using warm water solution, salt, and sea salt to clean the wounds daily.

Additionally, you should increase your intake of potassium and vitamin K, which control infection and promote wound healing. Take vitamin C and E supplements to prevent wounds from healing halfway. Wounds should not be “healed” halfway.

On the market, you can find numerous salves and solutions made with natural ingredients. Ensure it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or chemicals in general.

It is not a good idea to spray anything potentially harmful on an open wound. After getting a piercing, you should go to the piercer or to the hospital if you experience any itching or swelling. As the body sometimes tries to push the piercing out, it may not necessarily be an infection.

Try not to pierce the same ear too often. Getting several piercings at the same time is okay for areas such as the ear lobe, but for tricky cervixes, it is best to avoid multiple piercings at the same time.

A few days after your ears have fully healed, keep cleaning and moisturizing them. Always do a metal test before wearing jewelry on a new piercing and avoid overburdening it with a lot of jewelry.

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