Vegeta Tattoo Ideas and Designs For Men and Women

Vegeta tattoo ideas for the sleeve, arm, chest, small and large. Simple Majin Vegeta tattoo designs to show your Saiyan loyalty.  The Saiyan prince is depicted as a Vegeta tattoo, a cultural icon in manga and anime.

Cool Vegeta Tattoo Ideas

There have been many characters in Dragon Ball over the years, but Vegeta is one of the most loved and hated. Vegeta is destined to become great. The original Vegeta was destined to be the king of his world, but it was destroyed.

He is introduced as the villain. Many people admire his ruthlessness. When someone gets a tattoo of this version of the character, they usually stick with his Saiyan uniform.

colorful and bright Vegeta Tattoo for the lower leg

black blue and grey Vegeta Tattoo

Vegeta and the dragon Tattoo

Pink Arm Vegeta Tattoo

Vegeta Tattoo for the lower forearm

Vegeta Tattoo Ideas For The Arm

Majin Vegeta Tattoo

Vegeta becomes Majin Vegeta by acquiring the two-eyed look of a Super Saiyan II, a black forehead symbol denoting that he is now a servant of Babidi, and black eyelids. The World Martial Arts Tournament with Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta is Vegeta’s form as a follower of Babidi, who gives Vegeta a boost in power due to his influence.

Majin Vegeta Tattoo For The Thigh

Vegeta Tattoos

Some people like Vegeta when his heart begins to soften, and he begins to love the earth. Many people use the small changes he exhibits as he begins to adapt to the planet. These changes include wearing a regular tank top. At this point, it is likely that the tattoo displays his internal battle with his former ruthless self.

When Vegeta begins to raise a family on Earth with Bulma, many use Vegeta’s family life as a model. Vegeta is always regarded as a reluctant hero with a troubled past.

In addition to being known for his dry sense of humor, he will always be known as a defender of the earth.

Vegeta Thigh Tattoos

Vegeta Tattoo For The Back Of The Leg

The color and drama in this amazing leg tattoo make it perfect for guys who want a super Saiyan tattoo! While getting this Dragon Ball design, you can expect to spend 7-10 hours. Be prepared to invest in this design, since it will also cost a lot.

Vegeta Lower Leg tattoo

Super Saiyan Tattoos

Tattoos on the forearm can hurt, so be careful when getting one. Vegeta tattoos and black & blue ink are perfect for those who like unique designs. Its size isn’t too large, and it is suitable for guys who love medium-sized tattoos.

Super Saiyan Calf Tattoos

Colorful Forearm Vegeta Tattoos

Colorful Forearm Vegeta Tattoos

Bicep Vegeta Tattoos

Bicep Vegeta Tattoos for men

Vegeta Tattoo Black Design

Dragon Ball Z’s black & white ink may appear minimalistic or tribal. This type of tattoo would look amazing as a sleeve or over the leg. If you enjoyed the series, get both Goku and Vegeta tattoos to represent the series on your body.

Vegeta Tattoo Black Design for the legs

Arm Vegeta Tattoos

upper Arm Vegeta  Tattoos

Simple Vegeta Tattoo

Simple Vegeta Tattoo for the ribs

Small Forearm Vegeta Saiyan Tattoo

In spite of the lack of meaning for your Vegeta tattoo and similar designs that don’t show deeper thoughts, they still look beautiful and unique. With blue & yellow ink, this forearm style will really stand out.

Inner Forearm Vegeta Tattoo


Forearm Vegeta Tattoo


Super Saiyan Tattoo

Vegeta’s bright colors make this tattoo a lot more attractive. Do you like colorful designs? Is Vegeta more attractive to you than Goku?

Super Saiyan Tattoo

Chest Vegeta Tattoos

Chest Vegeta Tattoos


Leg Vegeta Tattoos

Leg Vegeta Tattoos


Colorful Back Vegeta Tattoo

Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyan race. King Vegeta’s eldest son, Tarble’s older brother, Bulma’s husband, the father of Trunks and Bulla, and Vegeta Jr.’s ancestor.

Those who want a sleeve that features all the characters from anime can choose this tattoo. All anime fans, as well as fans of Dragon Ball Z, will enjoy these tattoos. Placement options are great for the forearm, chest, and back. Small Vegeta tattoos look great on the wrist or ankle and a large Vegeta tattoo would look great as a sleeve or on the leg.

Full Back Vegeta Tattoo

Bold and Stylish Vegeta Tattoo Ideas For The Arms

back ripped skin style vegeta tattoo


vegeta thigh tattoo for men


vegeta outer leg tattoo


vegeta tattoo


upper arm vegeta tattoo


lower leg vegeta tattoo


Vegeta leg tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 85

vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 79


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 78


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 77


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 76


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 75


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 74


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 73


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 72

Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 71


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 70


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 69


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 68


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo

vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 58

Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 57


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 56


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 55


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 54


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 53


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 52


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 51


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo with yellow hair super Saiyan


vegeta tattoo with a flower on the thigh


vegeta tattoo


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 46


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 45


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 43


wrist vegeta tattoo


vegeta outer arm tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta god tattoo


vegeta drawing outline tattoo


vegeta blue god tattoo


vegeta lower wrist tattoo


vegeta family tattoo


vegeta tattoo for females


vegeta fighting arm tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta lower arm tattoo


young vegeta tattoo for the knee


majin vegeta fire hair tattoo


vegeta tattoo


vegeta tattoo


majin vegeta outline tattoo for the arm


majin vegeta arm tattoo


majin vegeta tattoo for the shoulder


vegeta tattoo


majin vegeta half sleeve tattoo yellow hair


small vegeta tattoo for the inner forearm


vegeta outer leg tattoo idea


vegeta black and grey tattoo for the legs


vegeta wrist tattoo


vegeta tattoo design


vegeta outer leg tattoo


vegeta full leg tattoo design


vegeta tattoo design for the calf


Vegeta Tattoo Ideas 97

Who is Vegeta?

It is long and intense when it comes to Vegeta’s story in both the manga and anime of Dragon Ball Z. There is nothing more appealing to us than a flawed character, which may be one of the reasons why he became so popular.

Vegeta arrives on earth looking for the dragon balls to achieve immortality.

Vegeta confronts and kills Yamcha, Piccolo, and Goku’s other friends, which naturally makes Goku go on a rampage and fight Vegeta.

He doesn’t like it very much that what he considers a second-class Saiyan came after him. Vegeta, who constantly brags about being a prince, being super strong, and being chubby doesn’t take it well when a second class Saiyan comes after him.

The appearance of stronger threats such as Cell or Frieza in this type of fiction causes normally deadly enemies, Goku and Vegeta, to unite in order to defeat the bad guys. Ultimately they become super friends, Vegeta marries Bulma, and they have a son they will call Trunks.