The Essential Guide to Walk-In Tattoos – What To Know

Here’s an overview of walk-in tattoos, in case you’re unaware of what they are. In a walk-in tattoo, you don’t make an appointment and go directly to the tattoo studio. So many wonders why a walk-in tattoo seems so special.

Walk-in tattoos require planning, knowing your desires, and being ready for the experience.

We have a lot of walk-in tattoos available, so if you’re thinking about getting one, you’re at the right place. How to get walk-in tattoos, all the pros, and cons.

So What Are Walk-In Tattoos?

We mentioned earlier that walk-in tattoos involve simply strolling into a studio and getting inked. That said, the process is tough. Tattoo artists need to know whether they have time to tattoo you, and you can’t expect to be tattooed with huge, complicated designs. Tattoos done on the spot are usually smaller, more simple designs.

Keep it Small (to Medium)

When it comes to coloring and shading, a walk-in tattoo should be relatively small (or media-sized at most). You should schedule an appointment if you have dreams of getting a full sleeve or a human-realism portrait of your great-grandmother. To get a good tattoo, you need to plan and design large, complex tattoos carefully.
walk in tattoo
walk in tattoo

You Don’t Need An Appointment For Walk-In Tattoos?

Although walk-in tattoos do not require an appointment, we do recommend you call the tattoo studio before you show up. This way you can ensure the studio is open.

It is first-come, first-served for walk-in tattoos, so you don’t want to waste your valuable time waiting.

Aren’t Walk-In Tattoos Super Expensive?

You’ll need to check with the tattoo shop on this. There is usually a tattoo studio minimum of $100 to $150 (+tax and tip). This is an estimate of the price for a small tattoo.

Which Tattoo Should I Get For a Walk-In Session?

For walk-in sessions, tattoo artists typically do small and medium-sized tattoos. They also do simple designs. Because of the complexity and size of large tattoos, multiple sessions are required to complete them; this would cost much more and take more time on your part. In other words, you should have an idea about what tattoo you want before you visit a tattoo studio.

On a first-come, first-served basis

First-come, first-serve tattoos are done at walk-in tattoo shops. You cannot reserve a spot if you plan on arriving later in the day. For fairness, we do not hold spots. Holding spots reduces the amount of time an artist can spend with clients that are ready to have their tattoos done.

Bring Extra Money or Be Prepared to Spend More

The cost is often the biggest unknown for walk-in tattoos. People may tell you that it will cost x dollar amount, but that information (or misinformation) is useless. To help you devise your initial estimate, inquire (online or by phone) about the hourly rate in advance and remember to add an extra hour.

It’s a good idea to have an extra hundred dollars or so on hand, just in case your skin is not as accepting as expected (which extends the time) or if you like the work so much you want to tip extra – a common scenario for a quality studio.

walk-in tattoos

What Should I Know Before I Go To the Tattoo Studio?

If you’re getting a regular tattoo or a walk-in tattoo, always choose a reliable, professional, high-quality tattoo studio. This will help minimize any side effects of your tattoo and ensure that you have the best tattoo experience possible.

Don’t forget to provide valuable feedback to your tattoo artist. Make sure you don’t just sit back and let them make the decisions for you. Give proper feedback and speak up before getting permanently inked.

Cases When Tattooists Refuse To Do Walk-In Tattoos?

If you are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs), no tattoo artist will do a walk-in or any tattoo session. In many states, tattooing intoxicated people is illegal, and tattoo artist could lose their license and their studio if they did.

Additionally, walk-in sessions do not allow tattoos on the face. They should be discussed and considered more thoroughly. Furthermore, they take longer to complete and come with higher risks of tattoo side effects.

What Are The Benefits and Disadvantages Of Walk-In Tattoos?

The benefits of walk-in tattoos

  • Walk-ins are fun because they’re spontaneous
  • A unique tattoo can be obtained on a whim
  • Feel better and look better by improving your overall appearance
  • It’s cheaper than a large, complicated tattoo
  • It can be considered an adventure if you walk in for a tattoo

Disadvantages of walk-in tattoos

  • You might not be able to book the tattoo artist of your choice
  • In some tattoo studios, walk-ins are not allowed
  • Unless you’re fully committed or ready, you may regret the walk-in tattoo

You Should Know Your Pain Tolerance Before You Go

After understanding that your medieval dragon-inspired back piece will take longer than 45 minutes, your tattoo artist will hope you know your pain tolerance.

Do All Tattoo Studios Offer Walk-In Tattoos?

You cannot get a walk-in tattoo at every studio. If you decide to walk in for a tattoo, you may run into a studio that does not offer such services; this is one of the disadvantages. What’s the best way to tell whether a studio does not accept walk-ins? Tattoo studios that call themselves ‘private studios’ might not accept walk-ins.

Rules To Getting a Walk-In Tattoo?

Getting a walk-in tattoo involves following a number of rules to ensure you won’t cause any problems for the tattoo artist.

For example;

Walk-in tattoos can’t handle large or complex designs in one visit. Make an appointment if you want that.

It is best to come up with a design before going to a tattoo studio so that you can be satisfied with it. Making the design as accurate as possible will save your tattooist time.

If you plan on getting a tattoo, make sure you have a shower first. Tattoo artists are strict about being fresh and clean, so you shouldn’t gross them out with weird body odors. Eat and drink well before a walk-in as well.

Know What You Want Before Stepping In

Artist portfolios and flash-books will be available at studios that accept walk-ins. People often consult these before choosing a tattoo. The way you approach it is up to you, but we strongly encourage you to clearly define your end design idea.

The connection between a tattoo artist and a new client is nothing but weakened when there is too much humming and hawing.

Famous NYC Walk- IN Tattoo Shop

New York City is considered the birthplace of modern tattooing. The first electric tattoo machine was created and patented in NYC along with many other firsts in the craft and art form that took place here around the 1890s – 1920s.