What Is The Meaning Behind A Queen Of Spades Tattoo?

What Is The Meaning Behind A Queen Of Spades Tattoo? Everything you need to know before you get the Queen tattoo.

Tattoos are designs or text permanently inked onto your skin. The reasons for getting a tattoo vary from person to person. For some, a tattoo just looks good or attractive on them. For others, their tattoo or tattoos mean something more meaningful. Many people, for instance, get motivational quotes tattooed on their body. It is a way to inspire them whenever they feel depleted or stressed out.

Whether you want to enhance your appearance or remind yourself of something precious, you need to be sure of the tattoo you want. It is important to do some research on your own and then discuss with your tattoo artist. Together reach a consensus and go for the best design.

Remember, a tattoo may fade a little over the years, but it will always remain on your skin till the day you die. You could consider laser removal, but that is a long and expensive procedure. Avoid yourself all the regret and inconvenience by making sure that you truly love the tattoo design before inking it on your skin.

Tattoos Inspired by Queen of Spades

Tattoos Inspired by Playing Cards

Speaking of tattoo designs, one of the most popular things to ink are the elements of common playing cards. These elements include everything like colors, house symbols and numbers. For example, you could get a Queen of Hearts tattoo to emphasize your romantic nature. If you are a man who is always the center of any party, try a Jack of Diamonds to highlight your social skills.

This article is all about the Queen of Spades tattoo. What does this particular card suit symbolize? You will find out soon.

Tattoos Inspired by Queen of Spades

The Meaning behind the Queen of Spades

First, it is important to understand the positive connotations of the Queen of Spades. Since Spades reflects royalty and order, the Queen of Spades can be understood as the Queen of the Kingdom. She maintains order and justice and ensures that the society under her rule thrives.

Taken in the positive light, the Queen of Spades symbolizes a strong woman who can take care of others. She is so reliable and efficient that the people of the village have chosen her as their leader. Her nobility and intent for goodwill make her a great queen.

On the other hand, Spades is also infamous for trumping other suits in many card games. So, in the negative light the Queen of Spades becomes a symbol of malice, corruption and destruction.

But she is also clever, scheming and good at her work. In this regard, a Queen of Spades tattoo would tell the world that you are not to be messed around with. You are not the compassionate and gullible Queen of Hearts. You are the Queen of Spades and cannot be taken for a ride.

The Meaning behind the Queen of Spades

Relevance to Cartomancy

The craft of Cartomancy uses a deck of playing cards to read somebody’s fortune. This divination technique uses all the elements of playing cards including the four suits, Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds.

For instance, King of Hearts reveals a more family-oriented, domestic fortune. This could reflect something good or bad happening to a male family member. On the other hand, King of Diamonds symbolizes a man of rich inheritance and culture. This could imply earning a lot of money sometime soon, which will elevate your status in Society.

When it comes to the Queen of Spades, Cartomancy defines her as an ambitious, intelligent and strong-willed woman. Mind you, these concepts were written during an era when women were not expected to work outside their homes. All young women were busy in household chores and the rearing of children.

Therefore, in Cartomancy the Queen of Spades is described as an older widow who is now free from domestic responsibilities to further her interests. Getting a Queen of Spades in this context will symbolize your drive to succeed and achieve your goals relentlessly.

Similarly, the King of Spades reflects an older man who is either widowed or divorced. He is ambitious and clever, but can also be deceitful and wrathful.

Queen Of Spades Tattoo

Negative Interpretation of the Queen of Spades in Cartomancy

If the Queen of Spades can be strong, goal-oriented and passionate, she can also become ruthless, calculating and obsessive if taken to the extreme. In terms of relationship, a negative Queen of Spades could mean betrayal and unfaithfulness.

For instance, if you do not believe in keeping one romantic partner for the rest of your life, get a Queen of Spades tattoo. It would reflect your rebellion against monogamy and emphasize your spirit of independence.

In the proverbial sense, the Queen of Spades is the “Bad Bitch” of the playing card suits. She lives her life on her own terms because she does not need to rely on others to get what she wants.

If you work hard, believe in improving your skills and get ahead in your career, then the Queen of Spades tattoo will reflect your attitude. Some people may think you are cold, but you are just too cool to care about it when you have so many other things to do.

Queen Of Spades Tattoo

The Spiritual Significance of the Queen of Spades

It must be clear by now that the Queen of Spades symbolizes the power and strength of a driven woman. Therefore, the spiritual energy exuded by the Queen of Spades is about feminine strength. If you get a Queen of Spades tattoo you let the world know that you are passionate, ambitious and hardworking. You use reason and logic to understand things around you.

Planning and executing comes naturally to you. Instead of needing support you have the strength to support those you love. People rely on you and look up to you.

Since the Queen of Spades also has a negative aspect to it, getting this tattoo could mean either of two things. First, the Queen of Spades tattoo could serve as a warning to people who are capable of taking advantage of others. In this case, you are someone who is clever enough to see through such Ponzi schemes.

It is not so easy to fool you. Second, the tattoo could hint at a secret you are hiding. It could be a skill, a weapon or some important piece of information. This means you think a few steps ahead of others, becoming unpredictable.

Queen Of Spades Tattoo

A Few Tattoo Ideas for the Queen of Spades

Whether you interpret it as positive or negative, a common theme in the Queen of Spades tattoo is power. This power can be destructive or constructive based on your attitude and life choices. Regardless, a Queen of Spades tattoo makes a very powerful statement.

If you want to get this tattoo for sure, here are some creative tattoo ideas –

  • Tattoo of a Black Queen: The tattoo of a Black-colored Queen would signify power, independence and achievement. You can use a small Spades symbol next to the Queen to specify the suit. As far as the image of the Queen is concerned, you could give her different weapons based on your attributes. A Queen with a bow and arrow would symbolize ambition, while a Queen with a staff will imply authority and control.
  • Simple Playing Card Tattoo: Get the tattoo of the Queen of Spades in its classic card form. Or, you can also use the icon of a Queen’s crown. Plain and simple.