What’s up with Pete Davidson’s Tattoo Removal ?

Today we are talking about what’s up with Pete Davidson’s Tattoo Removal. I’m going over the whole scoop! Including some never before seen evidence ~~ & my analysis on the estimated cost and the time it might take him to remove his tattoos with laser tattoo removal sessions.

I have gotten laser tattoo removal myself, and it’s really hard to go through.

Watch till the end to hear some of my experiences and some before/after photos of my laser tattoo removal.

0:00 Introduction
0:33 Removal Evidence
2:28 Laser Removal Process
3:47 Closer look at Pete’s Tattoos
4:45 Cost and Time
6:02 My Laser Removal
6:42 Tattoo Removal & Mental Health
9:25 The Future is Bright!
10:16 Outro